The construction sector is regarded as a primary driving force of economic growth development by JMC Holding,

Jmc Interior’s the goal is, doesn’t want to only open stores but wants to be an atelier of interiors with unique,

Mining operations have been carried on in various provinces and counties of the country since 2004. Annually:

Jmc Steel , was established by the vision of being at the right place, on the right time and with the right product in 2000.

Dear Buyers, we understand that you are always in search of a good deal. We want your business and your success!

With its groundbreaking initiatives in fuel market of Turkey thanks to its vast business experience, dynamic staff,

Shipping and İndustry JMC Maritime in the fields of industrial machinery since its establishment from each other,

Our division is specialised in all types of container, break-bulk, projects and special heavy lift, over dimensional and dangerous

We work with the end sellers only, either with the owners or the heads of companies directly. For some products we are the end